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During the unprecedented times of the COVID 19, the public has been facing extreme inconvenience in availing most basic needs of sustenance. Health Facilities being one of the primal among them, it is integral to reach it at once. We provide you with highly qualified doctors, trainers and other consultants at your fingertip. Our website extends you with the service of your nearest clinic. Make your appointments online, eliminating the danger of approaching hospitals during the pandemic. Book your slots online to meet your expert doctors for live chats to convey your queries. We provide 24/7 active support with top specialists. Your physician is at your service. Stay home and Stay Safe..


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is the success rate of psychohomeopathic treatment?

    Dr Abdulla Kutty has a training experience since 2009. Across the years, patients of diverse categories and needs had been approaching. So far over one thousand cases have been successfully ailed through the psychohomeopathic method of treatment.

  • Is the doctor providing an online consultation service during the pandemic?

    Dr Abdulla Kutty has been providing consultation services has been via online, which extends up to more than six batches of counselling sections and training hours.

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