About Us

About Us

Dr Abdulla Kutty

Dr Abdulla Kutty is a practitioner of homeopathic medicine, who deems in fusing homeopathic medical treatment with psychological counselling. He is a professional psychologist and trainer who believes and practises the school of psychohomeotraining, which enables a distinct medical method of treating the recipient with homeopathic medicine, along with psychological knowledge and training.

Educational Qualifications

Dr Abdulla Kutty completed his Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Calicut Government Medical College in 2002. He has secured his Masters in Psychology in 2012. In 2018, he has also accomplished Learning Disability Management Courses. Dr Abdullah Kutty has been certified as a National Trainer in the year 2016, after which he also completed the highest training certification of JCI India. He also became a JCI Author in 2019.

Medical Services Provided

Our physician provides you services in major areas of counselling requirements.

  • Family Counselling Facility
    Family therapy caters to innovative sections of therapy, rectifying internal conflicts and communication errors within families, enhancing one's problem-solving capacity as well as reducing stress.
  • Sex Therapy
    Providing service sections to both individuals and couples, sex therapist functions to resolve sexual difficulties such as relationship problems and performance anxiety. Since sexual dysfunction is a common disorder, our therapist addresses medical, psychological, personal, as well as interpersonal factors of sexual life.
  • Premarital Counselling
    Preceding the onset of marital affairs, ample sections of psychological training have to be ensured to prepare the couple for a healthy union. Moreover, the session identifies and addresses any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on.
  • Post Marital Counselling
    Better late than never! Therapies are extremely crucial in marital relationships, for detecting unforeseen incongruities, filling communication gaps and lack of empathy for each other. A good counselor is much essential before a broken relationship.
  • Student Counselling
    Psychotherapy for children and adolescents is necessary at fixed intervals. Supportive sections of treatment for learning disabilities, behavioral problems are given with immediate care and efficiency under our physician.

Areas of Social Service

Apart from being a doctor of eminent skills and expertise, Dr Abdulla Kutty is an active social worker. He is an active participant of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide federation of leaders and entrepreneurs working together to empower the youth, providing developmental opportunities. Dr Abdulla Kutty was one of the Former Presidents of JCI Mukkam Mythri in 2012, guiding and heading the team into immense social services.

Major Achievements

Dr Abdulla Kutty is one of the rare trainers, to combine three distinct branches of modern medicine methods into a distinguished medicinal practice of Psychohomeopathy. Our physician fuses traditional homeopathic medicinal treatment with psychological counselling and patient-friendly training programmes, healing over a thousand cases of mental breakdowns, anxiety disorders, sexual disorders etc. Dr Abdulla Kutty has achieved the highest certificate of JCI training in India.

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